Friday, July 31, 2009

Card of the day:Yovanni Gallardo


Brand: Upper Deck Exquisite

I really like the Exquisite set but its a very high-end set, hobby boxes cost 130+ and only 6 cards but there all autographs. You really get your moneys worth with this product. This is for the people that love all the hits, kinda like a greatest hits CD but instead of music you get pieces of cardboard. Which i heard my blog readers are addicted to.

Type: Insert(First Signs)

Features: Autographs

Player: Yovanni Gallardo

Team: Milwaukee

Price: ???

Ebay link: Ebay

Yovanni is a great young pitcher has all the stuff to be an elite player. With his nice 93 mph fastball, great breaking slider and an amazing curveball Gallardo has proven himself as the ace of the Brewers franchise. Yovanni has had a breakout season this year with his 3.09 ERA and 136 strikeouts with a very low 6.8 H/9.