Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Stat of the day: K%

Stat: Lowest Career Strikeout Rate(minimum 8,000 AB)

Held by: Joe Sewell

Career Strikeout Rate: 1.6%

Played: 1920-1993

Team: N.Y. Yankees & Cleavland Indians

I bet you thought Ted Williams would've held this record but his K% is 9.2%, a longshot from 1.6%. Pretty amazing Joe Sewell struck out 114 times in his 1,903 or every 16 games. In 1932 he struck a unimaginable 3 times, yeah 3 times and this aint a typo.

Joe had a career BA of .312 2,226 hits and his OBP% was .391 ranking 42nd in the All-Time OBP(min:8,000 AB). I think this record is unbreakable and will stand the test of time.