Friday, July 31, 2009

Card of the day:Yovanni Gallardo


Brand: Upper Deck Exquisite

I really like the Exquisite set but its a very high-end set, hobby boxes cost 130+ and only 6 cards but there all autographs. You really get your moneys worth with this product. This is for the people that love all the hits, kinda like a greatest hits CD but instead of music you get pieces of cardboard. Which i heard my blog readers are addicted to.

Type: Insert(First Signs)

Features: Autographs

Player: Yovanni Gallardo

Team: Milwaukee

Price: ???

Ebay link: Ebay

Yovanni is a great young pitcher has all the stuff to be an elite player. With his nice 93 mph fastball, great breaking slider and an amazing curveball Gallardo has proven himself as the ace of the Brewers franchise. Yovanni has had a breakout season this year with his 3.09 ERA and 136 strikeouts with a very low 6.8 H/9.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Card Collection: 2009 Bowman

I'm willing to trade my gold,serial, & auto card

MEM: 0
Ser #'d: 1
RC: 5
2009 Bowman #8 Manny Ramirez
2009 Bowman #9 Chipper Jones
2009 Bowman #19 Nate McLouth
2009 Bowman #20 Josh Beckett
2009 Bowman #24 Adam Dunn
2009 Bowman #29 Russell Martin
2009 Bowman #32 Johnny Damon
2009 Bowman #38 Dustin Pedroia
2009 Bowman #52 Bobby Abreu
2009 Bowman #57 Johan Santana
2009 Bowman #59 Armando Galarraga
2009 Bowman #68 Evan Longoria
2009 Bowman #70 Cole Hamels
2009 Bowman #71 Robinson Cano
2009 Bowman #77 Barry Zito
2009 Bowman #78 Glen Perkins
2009 Bowman #104 Milton Bradley
2009 Bowman #105 John Lannan
2009 Bowman #106 Yovani Gallardo
2009 Bowman #108 Jermaine Dye
2009 Bowman #115 Jason Bay
2009 Bowman #117 Mark Teixeira
2009 Bowman #119 Magglio Ordonez
2009 Bowman #123 Scott Kazmir
2009 Bowman #130 Josh Johnson
2009 Bowman #142 Mike Lowell
2009 Bowman #146 Jake Peavy
2009 Bowman #149 Carl Crawford
2009 Bowman #152 Ryan Zimmerman
2009 Bowman #168 Chone Figgins
2009 Bowman #169 Carlos Quentin
2009 Bowman #174 Collin Balester
2009 Bowman #181 Vladimir Guerrero
2009 Bowman #183 Adam Jones
2009 Bowman #192 Jeff Baisley RC
2009 Bowman #200 Mat Gamel RC
2009 Bowman #205 George Kottaras (RC)
2009 Bowman #210 Jonathon Niese RC
2009 Bowman #212 Fernando Perez (RC)
2009 Bowman #213 David Price RC
2009 Bowman #215 Gaby Sanchez RC
2009 Bowman Chrome Prospects #BCP2 Oscar Tejada
2009 Bowman Chrome Prospects #BCP4 Julio Teheran
2009 Bowman Chrome Prospects #BCP6 Stolmy Pimentel
2009 Bowman Chrome Prospects #BCP10 Jose Ceda
2009 Bowman Chrome Prospects #BCP14 Samuel Freeman
2009 Bowman Chrome Prospects #BCP17 Michael Pineda
2009 Bowman Chrome Prospects #BCP22 Luis Jimenez
2009 Bowman Chrome Prospects #BCP26 Tyler Yockey
2009 Bowman Chrome Prospects #BCP42 Marc Rzepczynski
2009 Bowman Chrome Prospects #BCP50 Patrick Ryan
2009 Bowman Chrome Prospects #BCP65 Jacob Goldberg
2009 Bowman Chrome Prospects #BCP68 Matt Rigoli
2009 Bowman Chrome Prospects #BCP76 Pat McAnaney
2009 Bowman Chrome Prospects #BCP84 Steven Upchurch
2009 Bowman Chrome Prospects #BCP86 Derrick Phillips
2009 Bowman Chrome Prospects #BCP90 Michael Cisco
2009 Bowman Chrome WBC Prospects #BW16 Cheng-Min Peng
2009 Bowman Gold #18 Miguel Cabrera
2009 Bowman Gold #91 Jorge Cantu
2009 Bowman Gold #96 Ryan Dempster
2009 Bowman Major League Scout Autographs #SCLP Larry Pardo
2009 Bowman Orange #150 Andre Ethier
2009 Bowman Prospects #BP15 Adam Reifer
2009 Bowman Prospects #BP19 Angel Morales
2009 Bowman Prospects #BP20 Neil Ramirez
2009 Bowman Prospects #BP25 Jeremy Hamilton
2009 Bowman Prospects #BP27 Sawyer Carroll
2009 Bowman Prospects #BP37 Ben Lasater
2009 Bowman Prospects #BP41 Alfredo Figaro
2009 Bowman Prospects #BP43 Joshua Collmenter
2009 Bowman Prospects #BP44 Adam Mills
2009 Bowman Prospects #BP54 Wilber Bucardo
2009 Bowman Prospects #BP60 Kyle Farrell
2009 Bowman Prospects #BP70 Justin Greene
2009 Bowman Prospects #BP77 Sean Conner
2009 Bowman Prospects #BP79 Will Atwood
2009 Bowman Prospects #BP85 Zach Moore
2009 Bowman Prospects Gold #BP1 Neftali Feliz
2009 Bowman WBC Prospects #BW4 Michel Enriquez
2009 Bowman WBC Prospects #BW9 Nick Weglarz
2009 Bowman WBC Prospects #BW11 Justin Erasmus
2009 Bowman WBC Prospects #BW14 Alexander Smit
2009 Bowman WBC Prospects #BW15 Juan Carlos Sulbaran
2009 Bowman WBC Prospects Gold #BW14 Alexander Smit

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Stat of the day: K%

Stat: Lowest Career Strikeout Rate(minimum 8,000 AB)

Held by: Joe Sewell

Career Strikeout Rate: 1.6%

Played: 1920-1993

Team: N.Y. Yankees & Cleavland Indians

I bet you thought Ted Williams would've held this record but his K% is 9.2%, a longshot from 1.6%. Pretty amazing Joe Sewell struck out 114 times in his 1,903 or every 16 games. In 1932 he struck a unimaginable 3 times, yeah 3 times and this aint a typo.

Joe had a career BA of .312 2,226 hits and his OBP% was .391 ranking 42nd in the All-Time OBP(min:8,000 AB). I think this record is unbreakable and will stand the test of time.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

2003 Upper Deck Patch Collection


Brand: Upper Deck Patch Collection

Type: Insert( Hall of Famers 1:40)

Features: Factory Made Patch

Player: Joe Morgan

Team: Reds


Thoughts: I really like the look of the card because of its originality, one thing many cards lack. The patch looks nice with a photo in the middle. The only think it lacks is more design around the card and a better font. To bad they discontinued it because with just a few adjustments it could have been a great product. Company's should take more risks on products they release. They should make sets were its not all about the hits like this product.

Card Collection: 2009 Upper Deck

2009 Upper Deck

All of my Upper Deck cards are up for trade since I'm not going to collect the set

Items: 170
Keeps: 0
Wants: 0
MEM: 1
Ser #'d: 0
RC: 5

2009 Upper Deck #6 Stephen Drew
2009 Upper Deck #10 Chris B. Young
2009 Upper Deck #14 Brandon Lyon
2009 Upper Deck #25 Brian McCann
2009 Upper Deck #31 Jeremy Guthrie
2009 Upper Deck #35 Aubrey Huff
2009 Upper Deck #39 Jay Payton
2009 Upper Deck #41 David Ortiz
2009 Upper Deck #46 Josh Beckett
2009 Upper Deck #53 Jason Varitek
2009 Upper Deck #69 Carlos Zambrano
2009 Upper Deck #74 Jon Lieber
2009 Upper Deck #77 Alexei Ramirez
2009 Upper Deck #84 Jim Thome
2009 Upper Deck #87 Mark Buehrle
2009 Upper Deck #88 Bobby Jenks
2009 Upper Deck #90 A.J. Pierzynski
2009 Upper Deck #95 Brandon Phillips
2009 Upper Deck #101 Jeff Keppinger
2009 Upper Deck #102 Joey Votto
2009 Upper Deck #104 Ryan Freel
2009 Upper Deck #108 Cliff Lee
2009 Upper Deck #109 Ryan Garko
2009 Upper Deck #111 Franklin Gutierrez
2009 Upper Deck #116 Todd Helton
2009 Upper Deck #129 Carlos Guillen
2009 Upper Deck #151 Hunter Pence
2009 Upper Deck #157 Miguel Tejada
2009 Upper Deck #158 Ty Wigginton
2009 Upper Deck #164 Brian Bannister
2009 Upper Deck #165 Zack Greinke
2009 Upper Deck #171 Jose Guillen
2009 Upper Deck #179 Torii Hunter
2009 Upper Deck #200 Andruw Jones
2009 Upper Deck #211 Greg Maddux
2009 Upper Deck #212 CC Sabathia
2009 Upper Deck #228 Justin Morneau
2009 Upper Deck #229 Michael Cuddyer
2009 Upper Deck #245 Luis Castillo
2009 Upper Deck #246 Ryan Church
2009 Upper Deck #247 Carlos Beltran
2009 Upper Deck #262 Robinson Cano
2009 Upper Deck #263 Jason Giambi
2009 Upper Deck #279 Justin Duchscherer
2009 Upper Deck #280 Eric Chavez
2009 Upper Deck #281 Bobby Crosby
2009 Upper Deck #289 Joe Blanton
2009 Upper Deck #296 Shane Victorino
2009 Upper Deck #297 Brett Myers
2009 Upper Deck #298 Brad Lidge
2009 Upper Deck #301 Adam Eaton
2009 Upper Deck #303 Nate McLouth
2009 Upper Deck #312 Jake Peavy
2009 Upper Deck #314 Trevor Hoffman
2009 Upper Deck #317 Khalil Greene
2009 Upper Deck #318 Kevin Kouzmanoff
2009 Upper Deck #319 Brian Giles
2009 Upper Deck #324 Matt Cain
2009 Upper Deck #329 Bengie Molina
2009 Upper Deck #331 Erik Bedard
2009 Upper Deck #335 Raul Ibanez
2009 Upper Deck #341 Jose Lopez
2009 Upper Deck #346 Adam Kennedy
2009 Upper Deck #353 Todd Wellemeyer
2009 Upper Deck #358 B.J. Upton
2009 Upper Deck #363 Carlos Pena
2009 Upper Deck #370 Eric Hinske
2009 Upper Deck #377 Hank Blalock
2009 Upper Deck #380 Vicente Padilla
2009 Upper Deck #387 Alex Rios
2009 Upper Deck #388 Vernon Wells
2009 Upper Deck #394 Chad Cordero
2009 Upper Deck #397 Wily Mo Pena
2009 Upper Deck #409 Matt Tuiasosopo (RC)
2009 Upper Deck #410 Will Venable RC
2009 Upper Deck #412 Aaron Cunningham RC
2009 Upper Deck #413 Wilkin Castillo RC
2009 Upper Deck #414 Robert Parnell RC
2009 Upper Deck #417 George Kottaras (RC)
2009 Upper Deck #418 Josh Roenicke RC
2009 Upper Deck #426 Josh Geer (RC)
2009 Upper Deck #446 Lance Berkman/Roy Oswalt/Miguel Tejada TL
2009 Upper Deck #451 Raul Ibanez/Ichiro Suzuki/Felix Hernandez TL
2009 Upper Deck #454 Tim Lincecum/Randy Winn/Bengie Molina TL
2009 Upper Deck #458 Ervin Santana/Vladimir Guerrero/Francisco Rodriguez TL
2009 Upper Deck #459 Zack Greinke/Gil Meche/David DeJesus TL
2009 Upper Deck #460 Tim Redding/Cristian Guzman/Lastings Milledge TL
2009 Upper Deck #465 Manny Ramirez HL
2009 Upper Deck #468 Francisco Rodriguez HL
2009 Upper Deck #481 Brandon Phillips CL
2009 Upper Deck #497 Francisco Rodriguez CL
2009 Upper Deck #499 Ichiro Suzuki CL
2009 Upper Deck #500 Josh Hamilton CL
2009 Upper Deck #501 Brandon Webb
2009 Upper Deck #517 Josh Anderson
2009 Upper Deck #526 Rafael Soriano
2009 Upper Deck #540 Ty Wigginton
2009 Upper Deck #546 Josh Bard
2009 Upper Deck #548 Jacoby Ellsbury
2009 Upper Deck #567 Sean Marshall
2009 Upper Deck #570 Kosuke Fukudome
2009 Upper Deck #580 Jerry Owens
2009 Upper Deck #581 Alexei Ramirez
2009 Upper Deck #585 Dewayne Wise
2009 Upper Deck #587 Brent Lillibridge
2009 Upper Deck #589 Chris Getz
2009 Upper Deck #592 Bobby Jenks
2009 Upper Deck #599 Alex Gonzalez
2009 Upper Deck #631 Manny Corpas
2009 Upper Deck #632 Yorvit Torrealba
2009 Upper Deck #642 Freddy Dolis
2009 Upper Deck #644 Zach Miner
2009 Upper Deck #645 Brandon Inge
2009 Upper Deck #657 Cody Ross
2009 Upper Deck #671 Esteban German
2009 Upper Deck #677 John Buck
2009 Upper Deck #678 Zack Greinke
2009 Upper Deck #681 Coco Crisp
2009 Upper Deck #697 Reggie Willits
2009 Upper Deck #703 Hong-Chih Kuo
2009 Upper Deck #711 Matt Kemp
2009 Upper Deck #713 Rafael Furcal
2009 Upper Deck #720 Manny Parra
2009 Upper Deck #745 Joe Mauer
2009 Upper Deck #748 Joe Nathan
2009 Upper Deck #758 Francisco Rodriguez
2009 Upper Deck #760 Daniel Murphy
2009 Upper Deck #763 David Wright

2009 Upper Deck UD Game Jersey #GJKK Kevin Kouzmanoff
2009 Upper Deck #774 Chien-Ming Wang
2009 Upper Deck #775 Mariano Rivera
2009 Upper Deck #788 Brad Ziegler
2009 Upper Deck #814 Chase Utley
2009 Upper Deck #821 Steve Pearce
2009 Upper Deck #823 Tyler Yates
2009 Upper Deck #836 Nick Hundley
2009 Upper Deck #852 Alex Hinshaw
2009 Upper Deck #855a Ken Griffey Jr./2009 Seattle Mariners
2009 Upper Deck #863 Kenji Johjima
2009 Upper Deck #864 Jarrod Washburn
2009 Upper Deck #868 Yuniesky Betancourt
2009 Upper Deck #877 Brendan Ryan
2009 Upper Deck #888 Ben Zobrist
2009 Upper Deck #899 Shawn Riggans
2009 Upper Deck #923 David Purcey
2009 Upper Deck #929 Shawn Hill
2009 Upper Deck #933 John Lannan
2009 Upper Deck #935 Daniel Cabrera
2009 Upper Deck #937 Wil Nieves
2009 Upper Deck #940 Anderson Hernandez
2009 Upper Deck #957 Grady Sizemore AW
2009 Upper Deck #959 Yadier Molina AW
2009 Upper Deck #982 David Eckstein CL
2009 Upper Deck #988 Mark Teixeira CL
2009 Upper Deck #998 Jason Giambi CL
2009 Upper Deck 20th Anniversary #433 Derek Jeter
2009 Upper Deck Historic Firsts #HF7 First Asian-American Baseball Manager
2009 Upper Deck O-Pee-Chee #OPC5 Brandon Webb
2009 Upper Deck O-Pee-Chee #OPC37 Magglio Ordonez
2009 Upper Deck O-Pee-Chee #OPC40 Matt Holliday
2009 Upper Deck O-Pee-Chee #OPC46 Russell Martin
2009 Upper Deck Rivals #R14 Brandon Webb/Matt Kemp
2009 Upper Deck Starquest Common Silver #SQ35 Cole Hamels
2009 Upper Deck Starquest Common Silver #SQ38 Dustin Pedroia
2009 Upper Deck Starquest Super Rare Emerald #SQ16 Johan Santana
2009 Upper Deck Starquest Ultra Rare Black #SQ36 Curtis Granderson
2009 Upper Deck Starquest Uncommon Blue #SQ13 Josh Beckett
2009 Upper Deck Starquest Uncommon Blue #SQ39 Evan Longoria
2009 Upper Deck UD Game Jersey #GJKK Kevin Kouzmanoff
2009 Upper Deck USA 18U National Team #18UJM Jeff Malm
2009 Upper Deck USA 18U National Team #18UWH Wes Hatton

Card Collection: 2009 Topps

This is my collection of 2009 Topps a set Im building I'm willing to do trades

*= Hit

2009 Topps

Items: 177
Haves: 183
Keeps: 0
Wants: 0
MEM: 1
Ser #'d: 1
RC: 10

2009 Topps #4 Chipper Jones/Albert Pujols/Matt Holliday LL
2009 Topps #7 Mickey Mantle
2009 Topps #11 Fernando Tatis
2009 Topps #14 Jon Rauch
2009 Topps #16 Evan Longoria HL
2009 Topps #18 George Sherrill
2009 Topps #24 Frank Thomas
2009 Topps #25 Jon Lester
2009 Topps #26 Jason Giambi
2009 Topps #31 Ian Stewart
2009 Topps #35 David Price RC
2009 Topps #38 Eric Wedge MG
2009 Topps #39 Stephen Drew
2009 Topps #43 Joe Mauer/Dustin Pedroia/Milton Bradley LL
2009 Topps #50 David Ortiz
2009 Topps #51 Will Venable RC
2009 Topps #52 Marco Scutaro
2009 Topps #68 Kyle Lohse
2009 Topps #70 Jermaine Dye
2009 Topps #72 David Dellucci
2009 Topps #73 Shane Victorino
2009 Topps #75 Rich Harden
2009 Topps #77 Jed Lowrie
2009 Topps #79 David Eckstein
2009 Topps #83 Ryan Garko
2009 Topps #90 Justin Morneau
2009 Topps #91 Cody Ross
2009 Topps #99 Juan Castro
2009 Topps #107 Pedro Feliz
2009 Topps #110 Hideki Matsui
2009 Topps #114 Chris Dickerson
2009 Topps #119 Craig Counsell
2009 Topps #124 Reed Johnson
2009 Topps #126 Orlando Hudson
2009 Topps #134 Evan Longoria
2009 Topps #143 Matt Joyce
2009 Topps #146 Glen Perkins
2009 Topps #150 Kosuke Fukudome
2009 Topps #151 Carl Pavano
2009 Topps #153 Lastings Milledge
2009 Topps #159 Matt Antonelli RC
2009 Topps #162 Mike Cameron
2009 Topps #163 Ross Gload
2009 Topps #168 Mark DeRosa
2009 Topps #185 Randy Johnson
2009 Topps #187 Jon Garland
2009 Topps #189 Jay Payton
2009 Topps #190 Chien-Ming Wang
2009 Topps #195a Tim Lincecum
2009 Topps #197 Ronnie Belliard
2009 Topps #204 Andy Sonnanstine
2009 Topps #209 Alfredo Amezaga
2009 Topps #215 Ian Kinsler
2009 Topps #216 Joe Maddon MG
2009 Topps #217 Albert Pujols
2009 Topps #231 Xavier Nady
2009 Topps #241 David Newhan
2009 Topps #243 Chase Headley
2009 Topps #245 Pat Burrell
2009 Topps #247 Yuniesky Betancourt
2009 Topps #248 Scott Lewis (RC)
2009 Topps #251 Greg Smith
2009 Topps #254 Cito Gaston MG
2009 Topps #262 Mike Gonzalez
2009 Topps #263 Elijah Dukes
2009 Topps #265 Carlos Zambrano
2009 Topps #269 Hunter Pence
2009 Topps #270a Grady Sizemore
2009 Topps #271 Cliff Lee
2009 Topps #272 Chan Ho Park
2009 Topps #273 Brian Roberts
2009 Topps #275 Alex Rios
2009 Topps #279 Ryan Church
2009 Topps #280 Joe Saunders
2009 Topps #283 John Baker
2009 Topps #284 Luis Ayala
2009 Topps #288 Guillermo Quiroz
2009 Topps #296 Reid Brignac
2009 Topps #298 Jonathan Van Every
2009 Topps #304 Jason Kubel
2009 Topps #307 A.J. Burnett/Ervin Santana/Roy Halladay LL
2009 Topps #308 Chris Duncan
2009 Topps #312 Ryan Sweeney
2009 Topps #315 Hiroki Kuroda
2009 Topps #316 Brian Stokes
2009 Topps #318 Manny Acta MG
2009 Topps #319 Brian Fuentes
2009 Topps #320a Miguel Cabrera
2009 Topps #327 Phil Coke RC
2009 Topps #330 Daisuke Matsuzaka
2009 Topps #334 Blake DeWitt
2009 Topps #335 Chris Young
2009 Topps #340a Joe Mauer
2009 Topps #341 Willy Taveras
2009 Topps #354 Mike Aviles
2009 Topps #355a John Smoltz
2009 Topps #361 Alex Rios/Vernon Wells
2009 Topps #365 Mark Buehrle
2009 Topps #368 Trevor Hoffman
2009 Topps #371 Jeff Francis
2009 Topps #376 Rajai Davis
2009 Topps #380 Aramis Ramirez
2009 Topps #383 Everth Cabrera RC
2009 Topps #385 Mike Jacobs
2009 Topps #386 Jonathan Papelbon
2009 Topps #390 Joey Votto
2009 Topps #391 Dan Haren
2009 Topps #392 Brandon Phillips
2009 Topps #395 Magglio Ordonez
2009 Topps #399 Wandy Rodriguez
2009 Topps #403 Trevor Cahill RC
2009 Topps #421 B.J. Ryan
2009 Topps #422 Hank Blalock
2009 Topps #428 Jamie Moyer
2009 Topps #433 Coco Crisp
2009 Topps #435 Carlos Lee
2009 Topps #438 Mark Loretta
2009 Topps #442 Cliff Pennington
2009 Topps #446 Matt Holliday
2009 Topps #448 Jeff Clement
2009 Topps #456 Jason Kendall
2009 Topps #458 Jeremy Bonderman
2009 Topps #459 Brian Bannister
2009 Topps #463 Brian Wilson
2009 Topps #465 Troy Glaus
2009 Topps #467 Chris Volstad
2009 Topps #470 Lance Berkman
2009 Topps #472 Bill Hall
2009 Topps Legends of the Game #LG4 Ty Cobb
2009 Topps #486 J.J. Putz
2009 Topps #491 Paul Bako
2009 Topps #497 Clint Hurdle MG
2009 Topps #499 Edwin Moreno (RC)
2009 Topps #502 Yovani Gallardo
2009 Topps #503 Carlos Gonzalez
2009 Topps #512 Steve Pearce
2009 Topps #514 Nick Hundley
2009 Topps #516 Brian Anderson
2009 Topps #518 Chris Perez
2009 Topps #521 Dana Eveland
2009 Topps #523 Brandon Morrow
2009 Topps #524 Andy LaRoche
2009 Topps #526 Bruce Bochy MG
2009 Topps #532 Garret Anderson
2009 Topps #544 Pat Neshek
2009 Topps #547 Jack Cust
2009 Topps #551 Tim Redding
2009 Topps #555 Joe Girardi MG
2009 Topps #558 Edgar Renteria
2009 Topps #563 Francisco Cordero
2009 Topps #567 Willy Aybar
2009 Topps #569 Ted Lilly
2009 Topps #585 Alexei Ramirez
2009 Topps #591 Elvis Andrus RC
2009 Topps #593 Kenshin Kawakami RC
2009 Topps #594 Milton Bradley
2009 Topps #598 Micah Owings
2009 Topps #600a Jake Peavy
2009 Topps #607 Jarrod Washburn
2009 Topps #608 Cristian Guzman
2009 Topps #617 Shaun Marcum
2009 Topps #619 Chris Carter
2009 Topps #623 Aaron Hill
2009 Topps #627 Billy Butler
2009 Topps #629 Lyle Overbay
2009 Topps #636 Armando Galarraga
2009 Topps #637 Donald Veal RC
2009 Topps #643 David Freese RC
2009 Topps #654 Brian Schneider
2009 Topps #655 Bengie Molina
2009 Topps #415a Josh Beckett
*2009 Topps Career Best Relics #RH Ryan Howard Bat B2
*2009 Topps Gold Border #587 Adam Dunn
2009 Topps Legends Chrome Target Cereal #GR2 Bob Gibson
2009 Topps Legends of the Game #LG4 Ty Cobb
2009 Topps Legends of the Game #LG16 Roy Campanella
2009 Topps Legends of the Game #LGSC Steve Carlton
2009 Topps Legends of the Game Career Best #BR Babe Ruth

Monday, July 27, 2009

Changed the name

The blog has been renamed Legendary Wax. I didnt like how Legendary cards sounded wax sounds better.I also made a banner which i like alot. If anybody would like me to make any graphics for your blog just comment the page.

Its Not a Doll It's a Baseball Legend

I've always liked the Mcfarlane MLB figures but Ive only had 2(They were on Clarence). I was searching online where to buy them and I found a great site. I never knew they had so many Figures of baseball legends.
Here's one of Reggie Jackson with those great 70's Oakland jerseys that pop out. These are limited edition only 3,000 made for the 07 All-Star Game.
Here's one of Jackie Robinson which looks amazing. Its him sliding feet first to a base, it shows a lot of his momentum.
This one is great because the Figure has a story it captures a great baseball moment. Its Carlton Fisk famous shot of him hitting a GW Home Run in Game 6 of the 75' World Series.
This One is my favorite not just because it my favorite player but because it has a great movement and the pose is nice.

There's a great variety of Figures from Legends to Current stars, from sluggers to power pitchers. Best of all the majority of these are fairly cheap. I'll hopefully by a few because there's nothing I like more than Baseball greats of the past.

Micheal Vick Reinstated

I know I post purely Baseball related posts by I'll sneak in some Football stuff or maybe create a football blog or combine both.

I just read some news on Micheal Vick that he's going be reinstated but not until week 6. So teams are going to be able sign him i don't know when. Although what Vick did was wrong i think he already served his punishment by being locked up.

I cant imagine how crazy it's going to be Week 6, maybe many protests or boo's or cheers who knows. Can you imagine how the fans will react if he playes a game in the Georgia Dome.

Card of the day:Everth Cabrera

Card: 2009 Icons Everth Cabrera Autograph.

Player: Everth Cabrera

Features: Rookie Card Autograph

This player isn't known outside San Diego. He was chosen in the Rule V Draft last year. Instead of just hiding him away like with many Rule V draftees the Padres decided to make him the starting shortstop.

Only 22 years old Everth has shown some growing pains but he's made some great plays with the glove and at the plate. Cabrera, like many hitters is great away from Petco hitting .281 and terrible at home hitting .194.

The main reason why the Padres got him was because of his speed. In the 40 games he's played he's robbed 10 bases.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Statline of the day: 0 AB


Game: Oakland Athletics(61-42) vs Seattle Mariners(49-53)

Score: Oakland 6 Seattle:14

This game was what you would call a blowout. The Mariners scored a total of 8 runs in the first inning, the pitcher never made it past an out. The Athletics couldn't make a comeback because Randy Johnson was on the mound but he only struck out 5 batters.

Player:Rickey Henderson

Stat Line:0 AB 4 R 0 H 0 RBI 4 BB 5 SB

Its amazing what Rickey did with 4 plate appearances which were all walks. He was a one man wrecking crew stealing 5 bases and scoring 4 runs. Now you now how he ended up with the most runs scored. In 1989 Henderson had a .274 Avg pretty low but he had a .411 OBP which is great.

Card of the day: Jim Rice

Card: 2009 Upper Deck SP Legendary Cuts

Player: Jim Rice

Features: Jersey Swatch serial #/100

Price: $10

I really like the legendary cuts card set has a nice design like a stamp.You can jersey cards of hall of famers very cheap on eBay. I'll wait until the price drops a bit.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Milwaukee Brewers: #19(Robin Yount)

Retired Numbers: 4, 19, 34, 42, 44

#19 Robin Yount Milwaukee Brewers (1974–1993)

Why is he great: Robin Younts 2 MVP season weren't just accomplishment for himself but for the team. Robin was a key player in the Brewers 82' trip to the World Series. Although the brewers didn't win the World Series there legacy isn't forgotten. The team had 3 Hall of Famers on the 1982 team. Robin Yount will forever be remembered as a Milwaukee legend.

Best Season: 1982 .331 BA/ .379 OBP/ .578 SLG/ 210 H/ 46 2B/ 29 HR/ 114 RBI

Career Stats: .285 BA/3,142 H/ .430 SLG/ 583 2B/ 251 HR/1,406 RBI

Awards: 2 x AL MVP, 3x Silver Sluggers, 3x All-Star, 1x Gold Glove

Records: Most games played by a teenager

Greatest Moment: Preserving Juan Nieves No-Hitter with an amazing catch.

Top Card: 2008 Topps Sterling Moments Robin Yount

Features: Autograph, Bat piece, 3 Memorabilia jersey swatches

Price: $96.00

Jim Rice saves the day

I ran through this great article on espn about Jim Rice. It was about a 4 year old boy who got struck in the head with a foul ball. Rice was in the dugout when the boy was hit. Instead of just letting the paramedics take care of it he decided to help the boy. He carried the boy to the Red Sox medical staff ; his quick thinking ultimately saved his life.

This is the meaning of a real baseball player. The one that you look up to in your childhood days, like a superhero.

Hall of Fame Weekend

File:Plaque first.jpg
The Hall of Fame ceremony is tomorrow where Jim Rice & Ricky Henderson will be inducted. The whole ceremoney will be shown on the MLBNetwork which is nice. This is a great moment for fans to learn more about the history of the game and the players. To learn about the legends who played this game with so much passion & dedication. If more current baseball players would learn more about the great players of the past the state of baseball could be how it use to be. I will be posting many H.O.F. related posts these next couple of days.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Stat of the day: 7-23-09

JRComeback.jpg SI Cover fo J.R. Richard's comeback image by JESSE5SHSU
Player: J.R. Richard

Record: Most Strikeouts in a Pitchers debut

Amount: 15 strikeouts

J.R. dominated the MLB in the late 70's with his pitching skills. He had all the stuff a 100 + Mph Fastball & a 90+ nasty slider. He was having great season from 76-79. He had a great 1st half during 1980 season being selected to his first All-Star Game. On July 30th tragedy struck when J.R. suffered a massive Stroke. He tried a comeback but it wasn't successful. Life was hard for JR when he was living homeless for 2 years until becoming a minister.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Stat of the day: Streak with SO>=10 K, as Starter

Player: Pedro Martinez

Team: Boston RedSox

Streak: Most consecutive games with at least 10 strikeouts when being the starter

Games: 10 straight games as a starter with at least 10 or more strikeouts

Dates: 1999-08/19/1999 - 04/09/2000

Pedro was on a hot streak during the end of the 99 season and the beginning of the 2000 season. 11,15,11,15,17,14,12,12,11,12 were the strikeouts of each of the 10 games. Its pretty amazing he had 2 15K games and a 17k game, and 5 shutouts during the streak.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Card of the day: Justin Upton

Card: 2007 Upper Deck Exquisite Justin Upton

Features: Rookie Card, Autograph,4x 3 color GU Jersey, & 1 of 1

Design: I always like Upper Deck Jersey Cards, I like how they put the jersey inside numbers. The picture is nicely placed to the left with a very simple design to the right. With so much stuff on the card a simple design looks great. The Autograph is on a sticker, but the sticker is Incorporated with the design which looks nice.

Price:4,995(Buy it now)

Player: Justin Upton is not a known player outside the NL West. Justin was barley 19 when he was called up in 2007. Justin, now 21 is on the verge of having a breakout season in a year or two. Now in his third season Upton is showing a huge improvement with his .290 BA, 16 HR in 89 games which earned him a trip to his first All- Star Game. Expect Upon to hit 40+ HR in the prime of his career.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My idol is Mario frm Wax Heaven

Hi everyone hope you enjoy the blog. I haven't posted in 2 days but i will post something tomorrow. I started is blog barley a month ago and its great. I love writing posts and each one gets better and better.I created the blog to give people information about legendary players and baseball cards.

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Sunday, July 19, 2009

1982: All-Star Game Rosters

1982 All-Star Game
July 13,1982
Olympic Stadium

American League Starters

Catcher: Carlton Fisk(Chicago White Sox)

1982 Season stats: .261 BA/.336 OBP/14 HR/65 RBI

First Base: Rod Carew(California Angles)

1982 Season stats: .319 BA/.396 OBP/3 HR/44 RBI

Second Base: Bobby Grich

1982 Season stats: .261 BA/.371 OBP/19 HR/65 RBI
Shortstop: Robin Yount(Milwaukee Brewers)

1982 Season stats: .331 BA/.379 OBP/29 HR/114 RBI
Won the 1982 AL MVP award, he won two in his Carreer. Had the second highest batting average in 1982 was .001 points from leading.Did led the league in hits with 210.

Third Base: George Brett(Kansas City Royals)

1982 Season stats: .301 BA/.378 OBP/21 HR/82 RBI
Left Field: Ricky Henderson(Oakland A's)

1982 Season stats: .267 BA/.398 OBP/10 HR/51 RBI/130 SB/116 BB
Lead the league in stolen bases & walks. Almost broke Hugh Nicol single season Steals record of 138 Steals. Although Ricky did break single season steals by an MLB player, Nicol played in the American Association in 1887.

Center Field: Fred Lynn(California Angels)

1982 Season stats: .299 BA/.374 OBP/21 HR/86 RBI

Right Field: Reggie Jackson(California Angels)

1982 Season stats: .275 BA/.375 OBP/39 HR/101 RBI
Was tied with Gorman Thomas for the the Most Home Runs in the 82' season

Pitcher - Dennis Eckersley(Boston Red Sox)

1982 Season Stats 13-13/3.73 ERA/127 SO

Starting Pitcher - Pete Vuckovich
1982 Season Stats 18-6/3.34 ERA/105 SOPete won the AL Cy Young in the 1982 season. Pete Vuckovich had a good carrer but after tearing his rotater cuff he wasnt able to return to his Cy Young form. He only played 11 seasons.

Notable Reserve:

First Base- Cecil Cooper(Milwaukee Brewers)
1982 Season stats: .313 BA/.342 OBP/32 HR/121 RBI
Was 5th in the AL MVP voting and was a big part of the Brewers trip to the 1982 World Series.
First Base- Eddie Murray(Baltimore Orioles)

1982 Season stats: .316 BA/.391 OBP/32 HR/110 RBI
Was second in the AL MVP voting, but he did win a Gold Glove.He led the league in intentional walks

National League Starters
Catcher - - Gary Carter

1982 Season stats: .293 BA/.381 OBP/29 HR/97 RBI
One of the top catchers of the 80's Carter won a Silver Slugger & a Gold Glove in 1982.

First Base - Pete Rose

1982 Season stats: .271 BA/.345 OBP/3 HR/54 RBI
This is when Pete Rose was starting to decline as a player only played until 1986.

Second Base- Manny Trillo

1982 Season stats: .271 BA/.345 OBP/0 HR/39 RBI

Shortstop - Dave Concepcion

1982 Season stats: .287 BA/.337 OBP/5 HR/53 RBI
Won a silver slugger in 1982.
Third Base - Mike Schmidt

1982 Season stats: .280 BA/.403 OBP/35 HR/87 RBI/107 BB
Great season but compared to his last 2 MVP campaigns it was good but not a MVP season. Mike led the league in on-base percentage, walks, and slugging; also won a Gold Glove and a Silver Slugger.
Left Field - Tim Raines(Montreal Expos)

1982 Season stats: .277 BA/.353 OBP/4 HR/43RBI/78 SB
Led the leauge in steals with 78.

Center Field - Andre Dawson (Montreal Expos)

1982 Season stats: .301 BA/.343 OBP/23 HR/83RBI/39 SB
Right Field - Dale Murphy (Atlanta Braves)

1982 Season stats: .281 BA/.378 OBP/36 HR/109RBI
Dale was the NL MVP of the 1982 season. He also won a Gold Glove and a Silver Slugger.

Starting Pitcher: Steve Rogers (Montreal Expos)

1982 Season Stats 19-8/2.40 ERA/179 SO
Finished second in the Cy Young voting.
Starting Pitcher: Steve Carlton(Philadelphia Phillies)

1982 Season Stats 23-11/3.10 ERA/286 SO
Carlton won the NL Cy Young in 1982; his last of his 4 Cy young's. Led the leauge in games started,wins, complete games,shutouts,inning pitched, and strikeouts. This would be Steves last great pitching season of his carrer.