Monday, July 27, 2009

Its Not a Doll It's a Baseball Legend

I've always liked the Mcfarlane MLB figures but Ive only had 2(They were on Clarence). I was searching online where to buy them and I found a great site. I never knew they had so many Figures of baseball legends.
Here's one of Reggie Jackson with those great 70's Oakland jerseys that pop out. These are limited edition only 3,000 made for the 07 All-Star Game.
Here's one of Jackie Robinson which looks amazing. Its him sliding feet first to a base, it shows a lot of his momentum.
This one is great because the Figure has a story it captures a great baseball moment. Its Carlton Fisk famous shot of him hitting a GW Home Run in Game 6 of the 75' World Series.
This One is my favorite not just because it my favorite player but because it has a great movement and the pose is nice.

There's a great variety of Figures from Legends to Current stars, from sluggers to power pitchers. Best of all the majority of these are fairly cheap. I'll hopefully by a few because there's nothing I like more than Baseball greats of the past.