Sunday, August 30, 2009

2009 LLWS

I always love watching the Little League World Series and this year was great. Its incredible to see how great these kids play especially Luke Ramirez from this years championship team Chula Vista.

This kid is huge weighing 212 lbs. and measuring 6 feet so you know he has power. In six games Luke hitting 4 Home Runs, not just ones that barley make it past the fence but bombs.

He could easily hit some homers in Arlington Park. Did I say that he could always pitch we went 4 innings on Saturday and only gave up 1 hit. He was exciting to watch and was becoming a fan favorite and also a bit of a star back in San Diego.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Rookie Sensation

Record: Most Home Runs in a season by a rookie

Held by: Wally Berger & Frank Robinson

Number of HR: 38

Year set: 1930 & 1956

The only player that was close of tying or breaking the record was Albert Pujols in 2001. Pujols had 37 Home Runs in his rookie season, he was 1 HR away from tying the record.

Its pretty rare to see a rookie hit 25 HR in a season, only 22 players have. 38 just sounds ridiculous for a rookie to do.

Robinson had a great career getting a total of 586 Home Runs and 57 hits shy of 3000 hits.

Chrome is Hot

One of the hottest product out right now is 2009 Topps Chrome from the Base cards to the hits. The key to the success is Topps design which really pops out with the chrome this year. Many of the cards are having success in the secondary market. This product appeals to set builders,rookie collectors, and people try to make a profit so this is a must have for 2009.

Player: Tommy Hanson

Team: Atlanta Braves

Set: 2009 Topps Chrome

Features: Rookie card, Autograph, Red border Parallel

Print Run: 25

Price: 200-300
This is the highest sought after cards in the set. This card going for a lot of money right now its in demand.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Crazy A & G contest

I think this is the greatest contest to win cards, the only one that tops it is NBA exquisite box but that's boring. On his contest you have greater chance to win and the prizes are great. Even if you win the last place prize you'll be happy. So head over to Card Cache and enter good luck. Hurry there's only a few hours to enter.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Card of the Day: John Smoltz

Smoltz was looking like his career was over but his performance on Sunday has jump started back his Career. At one point of the game Smoltz struck out 7 batters in a row which was impressive. I hope Smoltz still has a bit still left in him. It will be interesting to see him back in the postseason because the Cubs don't have a chance to win the Division. Smoltz is quite impressive in the playoffs with a 15-4 record and a 2.65 ERA in 207 innings. It would be nice to see his career end on a positive note lie winning a World Series which the Cardinals are capable of doing. No matter what happens to Smoltz in St. Louis he is a future Hall Famer.
Player: John Smoltz

Team: Braves

Card: 2007 UD Premier Penmanship

Features: Autograph, Serial#'d/29

Price : Recent Ebay Bid- $55.00

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Retired Numbers: #8 Carl Yastrzemski

Team: Red Sox

Retired Numbers: 1, 4, 6, 8, 9, 14, 27, 42

Player: #8 Carl Yastrzemski

Positions: Left Field

Why is he great: With the talk of Albert Pujos winning the NL Triple Crown fading away, we realize how prestige it is. In the exclusive 13 men club of the batting Triple Crown title Carl Yaz's 67 season has been the last.

In an impersive 23 year carrer Yaz wasn't just a Home Run Hitter but a hitting machine. As incredible as 3,419 hits sound 453 Home runs to add to that sounds ridiculous. Yastrzemski is 1 of 3 players to have more than 3,400 hits and 450 Home Runs in a career.

Carl is in the top 10 of almost every batting statistic except Triples and stolen bases. If Yaz had alot more speed people would of thought he was a robot.

Best Season: 1967 .326 BA/ .418 OBP/ .622 SLG/ 198 H/ 31 2B/ 44 HR/ 121 RBI

Career Stats: (23 Seasons - 3,308 Games) .285 BA/ 3,419 H/ .622 SLG/ 646 2B/ 452 HR/1844 RBI/ 1816 R

Awards: 18x All-Star, 7x Gold Glove, 1967 AL MVP, 1967 AL Triple Crown

Top Card: 1960 TOPPS ROOKIE Card #148

Why Bowman Whyyyyyy?

1. Geovany Soto Base

2. Paul Cogan Scout Autographs

3. Paul Konerko Base

4. Edilio Colina Chrome Prospects

5. James Shield Base

6.Jeff Baisley Gold Parellel Rookie Card

7. Luis Sumoza Bowman Prospects & Draft Picks

8. Travis Snider Base Rookie Card

9. Jarred Bogany Bowman Prospects & Draft Picks

10. Miguel Flores Chrome

Pack Rating
8/10 Clemente's
I liked this pack very nice cards but I'm mad because the hit was an Autograph of a scout. Why do these cards exist it ridiculous.Who wants a card of scout, I already pulled 2 of these if anybody wants to a trade for this card tell me because I don't want it.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Daily Links: 8/19/09

Draft in desperate need of repair
Great article about how the drafted players are getting paid too much. Opposite of Scott Boras thinks about the draft.

Very funny video from the guy that runs

A Blog that i like, it's up & coming.

I think the set is going to be amazing this year.

Its going to be my favorite rookie Mat Latos.

2009 UDX Review

I finally bought some packs, I haven't bought any for about 2 weeks so I'm craving cards. So I'm going review the Product and show the cards I got. Now lets look at the wrapper first than the cards.

Its very shiny to attract people but it only attracts kids but when was the last time you saw a kid buying sports cards. There only attracted to Yu-gi-oh(do kids still buy this).

Albert Pujols Base
The base is a bit boring and it looks very dull its not even glossy. If there wrapper are shinny as hell why can't there cards be like the freaking wrappers.

3 Xponential X3 Manny Ramirez

These have some interesting texture on it but its an x which is boring

UDx Die-Cut #87 Carl Crawford

Aren't there enough x on this cards for them to cut it into an x. It would be better if it was a diamond.

Jay Bruce Base

UDx #86 Evan Longoria

A politic card in a crappy pack its very sad. It says on the back "As part of a 2002 Cuban visit Jimmy carter asked Castro to hold free elections" guess it didn't work out.

So the standard rating method is going to be outta 10 "Clemente's"

Pack Rating
6/10 Clemente's
Very sad pack the Gary Carter card screwed it up

5/10 Clemente's
The X is very annoying

Overall Score
This product should be stopped its not good. I thought it was going to better than this but I was disappointed.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Card of the day: Kyle Blanks

Player: Kyle Blanks

Brand: Just Minor

Features: Kyle Blanks Autograph

Price: $20

Yeah the Padres beat the Cubs last night in the bottom of the 9th with a Kyle Blanks 3-run homer. Blanks has been hitting well these past 2 weeks hitting .306 and hitting 3 Home Runs. Blanks as alot of power hitting 4 of his 7 Home Runs in Petco.

Custom Cards: Boston Red Sox

Daily Links: 8/18/09

1952 Topps Online Card Gallery
This is great it shows the complete 1952 Topps set, shows all the cards

And the hyphy begins for an unproven high school kid. I'd rather invest in GM stock than invest in this kid. Many collectors are crazy with investing in baseball cards.

Great article on nicknames of MLB players. There aren't many nicknames that are used today like there used to be

I love custom cards and the blog is nice.

I feel that my Padres will be a good team in a few years.

Retired Numbers: #19 Johnny Pesky

Red Sox

Retired Numbers: 1, 4, 6, 8, 9, 14, 27, 42

#19 Johnny Pesky: Boston Red Sox (1942, 1946–1952) Detroit Tigers (1952–1954)
Washington Senators(1954)

Positions: SS/3B

Why is he great: With World War II being fought in the early 40's, many great players had to go overseas to defend the country. The war left many players without playing for many years like Pesky. Johnny Pesky rookie season in 1942 was amazing for a second baseman hitting .331. After the 42 season Pesky was sent off to the Navy and served for 3 years. When Pesky returned in 1946 he was better than ever hitting .335 a career high. We still wonder what would Pesky have done if he would've played those 3 seasons we will never know. Johnny Pesky would go on to play 8 more season and be a Red Sox legend. Pesky was often associated with his teammates Ted Williams, Bobby Doerr and Dom DiMaggio who were all close friends. In an age where many players are self-centered and selfish Its hard to imagine 4 players being close.

Best Season: 1946 .335 BA/ .401 OBP/ .427 SLG/ 208 H/ 43 2B/ 2 HR/ 55 RBI

Career Stats: (10 Seasons - 1,270 Games) .307 BA/ 1,455 H/ .386 SLG/ 226 2B/ 17 HR/404 RBI/ 867 R

Awards: 1x All-Star

Top Card: 1952 Topps #15