Monday, August 10, 2009

Topps VS UpperDeck

The top story buzzing around in the card world is Upper Deck losing MLB rights. Although losing the MLB rights they still have the MLBPA rights.This allows them to still produce cards with players name but with no logos of MLB or MLB teams. Upper deck is gonna go this route since they still wanna make cards. So I guess your wondering how are cards gonna look with no logos. Don't wonder anymore because with my photo shop skills LegendaryWax gots you covered.

This one doesnt look that bad but the no logo on the cap feels very weird but I could live with it.

Now this where we run into some problems. I mean you cant tell thats he wearing a baseball uniform. UD is going to have to pick its pictures wisley. Chose a bad picture and you wont be able tell if its a baseball card or not.

Now this one looks okay your not losing much logo just a little bit on the helmet which you can't even see.

I still cant get used to hats with no logos its too weird and so anti-baseball.

This is the best one yet, his hands covering the logo and he has a batting helmet which looks better than the hat when logo-less.

There you have it. When you really think about logoless cards aren't that. I really think UD can pull it off and still compete with topps. Its going to war now Topps vs UD in 2010 now there enemies there kill each other. This is what baseball cards a rivalry which could deeply improve sells.