Wednesday, August 19, 2009

2009 UDX Review

I finally bought some packs, I haven't bought any for about 2 weeks so I'm craving cards. So I'm going review the Product and show the cards I got. Now lets look at the wrapper first than the cards.

Its very shiny to attract people but it only attracts kids but when was the last time you saw a kid buying sports cards. There only attracted to Yu-gi-oh(do kids still buy this).

Albert Pujols Base
The base is a bit boring and it looks very dull its not even glossy. If there wrapper are shinny as hell why can't there cards be like the freaking wrappers.

3 Xponential X3 Manny Ramirez

These have some interesting texture on it but its an x which is boring

UDx Die-Cut #87 Carl Crawford

Aren't there enough x on this cards for them to cut it into an x. It would be better if it was a diamond.

Jay Bruce Base

UDx #86 Evan Longoria

A politic card in a crappy pack its very sad. It says on the back "As part of a 2002 Cuban visit Jimmy carter asked Castro to hold free elections" guess it didn't work out.

So the standard rating method is going to be outta 10 "Clemente's"

Pack Rating
6/10 Clemente's
Very sad pack the Gary Carter card screwed it up

5/10 Clemente's
The X is very annoying

Overall Score
This product should be stopped its not good. I thought it was going to better than this but I was disappointed.