Thursday, August 6, 2009

Card of the day: Andrew McCutchen

Player: Andrew McCuchen

Card Brand: 2007 Bowman Signs of the Future

Features: Autograph

Price: Many bids around $15

Card Design. The text isn't the focal point, its very loud but still subtle. The simplicity is great, the card is very easy on easy. The autograph is a sticker but like many bowman products its incorporated into the design which looks great. I think Bowman's high-end products are great but a little bit too expensive, if you buy a hobby box, but buying singles on ebay is the best option.

About the player: McCutchen is starting to become one of my favorite players. With his great speed, spectacular defensive skills,and solid hitting, Andrew is starting to look like the face of franchise for many years to come. Although the pirates trade many of there stars McCutchen looks like hes going to stay a Pirate. He has been amazing with RISP hitting .395 BA, .489 OBP, getting 7 walks, and driving in 25 runs quite impressive for a 22 year old rookie.