Thursday, August 13, 2009

Vicks signs wih the Eagles

Vick Sign with the Eagles

PHILADELPHIA – Michael Vick is back in the NFL, landing a job with the Philadelphia Eagles.

"He signed with the Eagles," agent Joel Segal told The Associated Press in a telephone interview Thursday. He said it was a two-year deal.

Holy Snap Micheal Vick has just got signed by the Eagles. Many people thought vick wouldn't be signed others did. With Vick signing before the preseason we could see Vick in less than a week. Its going to pretty interesting when Vick plays his first game. There are many questions how will the fans react will he be booed will he get cheers. What will Peta and the protester react how hectic will his first game be. A very interesting note the Eagles will play at Atlanta Week 13. I wonder how the Atlanta fans will react if Vick plays. Many of his cards are still sought by many collectors. Many of his cards still even reach 70 bucks. When his new cards get released we know for a fact that collectors will still want his cards.