Thursday, August 13, 2009

Pedro & The Playoffs


Pedro Martinez pitched his first game for the Phillies yesterday.Martinez got the win against the cubs beating them 12 to 4. He pitched a great game and looked good.His fastball was nice his changeup was amazing.

He gave up 3 runs and struck out 5 batters. In the game yesterday Pedro past Bob Gibson in total career strikeouts. Playing for the Phillies Pedro won't have to worry about run support because they score many runs. Pedro Martinez is going to be an important role in the Phillies pursuite for another consecutive World Series win.

There isn't much competition In the NL east except the marlins who are just 3 1/2 games behind but the Phillies got more depth in there roster which will help them at the end of the season and Postseason. It's getting interesting with the season ending in less than 2 months and teams pushing for a spot in the playoffs.

The most exciting playoff races are going to be both wild card races . I wanted to say the al east but if the Yankees continue to play the way there playing they will win the division by a wide margin. It's going to be an interesting 09 season which has been great.

Here are my Playoff Predictions.


Same like the Yankees(*see below)


Good all around will be the team to beat.

Wild Card- Giants
I really love the pitching which i think is the best in the NL and maybe in the MLB. There hitting is starting to hit good.


Texas won't catch the Angles they don't have a good pitching.

Central-White Sox
With Jake Peavy there Starting Rotation is going to be good and a threat in the playoffs

There hitting like crazy but i still don't have a Ace to pull them through the playoffs.

Wild Card-Rays
It will either be the Rays or Red Sox it will go done to last 3 or 2 games of the season.