Tuesday, September 15, 2009

LW's NFL Power Rankings: Week 1

What a great week of football it has been. Many close games were played that came down to the last seconds. Many great teams, its going to be brutal in the last weeks of the season.

1 1-0 There defense looks great. Losing Polamalu won't affect the Steelers that much. Roethlisberger was great facing the Titans tough Defense. Steelers are looking like a dynasty, but not yet.
2 1-0Drew Brees had an terrific game with 6 TDs. Defense wasn't great allowing 27 points to a bad lions offense. The real test will be next week against the Eagles to see how the Defense holds up.
3 1-0Green Bay looks like a threat in the NFC this year. The Packers just destroyed Cutler on Sunday. Made Cutler look like Kyle Orton and that's saying it politely
4 1-0Many weapons on the Offense any QB can takeover and be decent. The Defense just shut down the Panthers passing game.
50-1They lost but they looked great against a powerful Pittsburgh team. Titans are still great without Haynesworth.
61-0The Cowboys look like a better without T.O. on the team. Roy Williams is going to have a breakout season.
71-0Flacco hasn't missed a step from last year. There Defense didn't overpower the lowly Chiefs. They will rebound from this.
81-0Very exciting game, but very sloppy by the Chargers. The Game winning drive was great, Rivers was amazing. The Chargers are used to starting slow.
91-0Tom Brady looks good, his knee looks solid. Took him a while to get comfortable.
101-0There Offense couldn't do anything right. There defense kept them in the game long enough to score the Game winning drive.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Were Back

Its an exciting day today, not just because this is my first post in weeks, but because of the football season starting. I'm not just a Charger fan but a big Football fan. Last season was great from the beginning of the season to the exiting last seconds of the Super Bowl. This season feels like a great one not just for the League but also the Chargers.

With the Chargers having a good team this year many are expecting a championship win this year. Rivers was amazing last year and this year could be one his best yet. I don't think we have seen Rivers full potential reached yet.

Having Rivera as the Defensive coordinator in the beginning of the season will help us from starting so slow like every year. Our Defense should be great this year and aggressive like the Steelers.I think the Chargers only have one team blocking there road to the Super Bowl, the Steelers.

I'm predicting an 08 Division Championship rematch this year in the playoffs. Its really hard to predict an AFC champion this year, its going to be close.

What a great way to kick off the season with a Steelers Titans game. This game has everything a rivalry, the Defending champs and even a storyline that continues from last year. Its going to great game and a great season. I will be posting a recap of every week in the Nfl its going to be great. Hope you enjoy the season also comment on your thougths about the season.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Chrome is Sizzling

2009 Topps Chrome Break

1. #136 Prince Fielder

2. #74 Chad Billingsly

3. # 177 James McDonald

4. #181 Jordan Schaffer

These cards look amazing they really are fun to open. The card stock is really good quality and they feel thick. I really want to complete this set which will be fun. The pack was good got stars like Fielder and rookies like McDonald. McDonald is a Starting pitcher that is being used as a relief pitcher with a 2.37 ERA as a Reliever. He will be a good pitcher in the future he has a lot of upside.

Pack Rating: 4/5

Set Rating: 4/5