Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Card of the Day: John Smoltz

Smoltz was looking like his career was over but his performance on Sunday has jump started back his Career. At one point of the game Smoltz struck out 7 batters in a row which was impressive. I hope Smoltz still has a bit still left in him. It will be interesting to see him back in the postseason because the Cubs don't have a chance to win the Division. Smoltz is quite impressive in the playoffs with a 15-4 record and a 2.65 ERA in 207 innings. It would be nice to see his career end on a positive note lie winning a World Series which the Cardinals are capable of doing. No matter what happens to Smoltz in St. Louis he is a future Hall Famer.
Player: John Smoltz

Team: Braves

Card: 2007 UD Premier Penmanship

Features: Autograph, Serial#'d/29

Price : Recent Ebay Bid- $55.00