Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My idol is Mario frm Wax Heaven

Hi everyone hope you enjoy the blog. I haven't posted in 2 days but i will post something tomorrow. I started is blog barley a month ago and its great. I love writing posts and each one gets better and better.I created the blog to give people information about legendary players and baseball cards.

Me being 17 i don't know much about baseball history so this blog helps me and you gain some more information of the rich history. I'm also a novice in card collecting; i bought cards ever since 5Th grade but i didn't start seriously collecting until 2-3 months ago.

I'm a sports fanatic, I love Baseball & Football.I'm from San Diego and my favorite teams are the padres and chargers. I collect low-end sets, rookies, Relics , and Padre payers( my favorite player is Adrian Gonzalez).

So that's a little about me. Enjoy the blog visit when theirs new posts, comment, and don't forget to follow the blog. This is going to grow and grow hopefully i get enough traffic on this site to be like every card collecting bloggers' idol Mario from Wax Heaven.