Friday, July 24, 2009

Stat of the day: 7-23-09

JRComeback.jpg SI Cover fo J.R. Richard's comeback image by JESSE5SHSU
Player: J.R. Richard

Record: Most Strikeouts in a Pitchers debut

Amount: 15 strikeouts

J.R. dominated the MLB in the late 70's with his pitching skills. He had all the stuff a 100 + Mph Fastball & a 90+ nasty slider. He was having great season from 76-79. He had a great 1st half during 1980 season being selected to his first All-Star Game. On July 30th tragedy struck when J.R. suffered a massive Stroke. He tried a comeback but it wasn't successful. Life was hard for JR when he was living homeless for 2 years until becoming a minister.