Saturday, July 18, 2009

Card of the day:Mat Latos

Being a padre fan its hard to find a reason to watch them. Peavy out on dl Adrian has been on a cold streak and the future looks dim, but there must a light somewhere. Well Sunday there will be something to look forward to the Debut of Top Padre Pitching Prospect Mat Latos. Hopefully Latos has a good debut not a disaster which would make this season much of a failure.

Card: 2007 Donruss Elite Extra Edition

Player: Mat Latos

Mat Latos has been amazing in minor leagues were he hasn't struggled at any level. He is a bit of a power pitcher with his 97 mph and good slider. In his 184 innings in the minors he had 216 strikeouts. Latos has very good numbers a 0.71 Whip this year and has only allowed 1 homer in 70 innings. But the most eye popping stat is his low ERA 1.91 in 47 innings this year.

Features: Autograph & Serial #'d/25

Price: price set at $250