Monday, July 13, 2009

Card of the day:Adrian Gonzalez

Card: 2007 UD Black Adrian Gonzalez

Features: Dual patch, Dual Jersey, Autograph, and Serial #'d to 75

Player info: No one has been such an offensive threat like Adrian Gonzalez for the padres this season. The padres have always been weak with power. Since 2002 Adrian has been the only Padre to hit more than 30 home runs in a season. Not only is he good with the bat but defensively as well, winning the gold glove last year. Adrian is one of the most hard working player in the MLB by starting in 299 games without a day off. Adrian Gonzalez is not like a typical show off, greedy, thinks the world revolves around them MLB player he's one of the good guys. Very reminiscence of padre legend tony Gwynn by his hard work and dedication to the city of San Diego Adrian might one day also be a San Diego Padre legend.

Why this card: Adrian Gonzalez is one of my favorite player to watch. He's going to be in the Home run Durby tonight.

Card Design: The card uses its patches & jerseys slots very nicely into the numbers. The patches multi colored and very appealing.

Price: The lowest seen one go was 20 for one were the patch had 2 colors and highest has been 100.