Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Winter of Scott Boras(Contest)

With the baseball season already over, teams are preparing for next year. The Off-Season is looking up to be a hectic one, with many players moving to different teams. The Free-Agents available this year are making many teams pull out their check books. Teams that are desperate for a little pop in their lineup will be making a huge splash in the market. They will be making Scott Boras a richer man. Negotiations are going to be bidding wars and prices for players are gonna be steep. Lets take a look at the top free agents available.

1. Matt Holliday- The top free agent available, will draw many offers. He's going to end up on the team that bids the most. My guess is the Mets, they need some power, and their willing to acquire him no matter the price.

2. Jason Bay- Will attract any team that's looking for power in there lineup. Although his average was a little low he is still a good hitter. He'll probably get a huge lengthy contract. I think he is gonna head to San Fransisco, there going to be busy this off season.

3. Mike Cameron- Good all-around player, was exciting in 2007 with the Padres. He has so many teams that would be able to sign him. I'm taking a long shot on this one and saying he's heading back to San Diego.

4. Chone Figgins- Good hitter with blazing speed, and draws a lot of walks. A on-base % close to 400. Will probably get signed by the Mets.

Other Notables

5.Adrian Beltre

6.Orlando Hudson

7.Johnny Damon

8.Miguel Tejada

There it is the top 8 Free Agent batters available. Many exciting All-Stars that are gonna change teams significantly. Who knows where these players are gonna go, but we do know next year will be a competitive.
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*Prize: 1 Serial Number cards, 1 open pack of UDX, 1 pack of 2009 Topps Update, and 1 scout Autograph cards.