Monday, January 4, 2010

Is This The Year

2009 was an okay year for collecting cards. Some products succeed others failed miserably. We are all awaiting the first baseball release of the year. There is a lot of speculation of how the year is going to turn out. I'm going to list improvements I would like to see and a few predictions for 2010.
1. Lower Prices:
Prices were ridiculous in 2009. Why would anyone buy a 80 dollar box when most of the time the cards are worthless. I don't just want a slight price change but a drastic one. Companies are taking advantage of buyers thinking they'll buy anything they make and most of the time they do. Lower prices would make us all feel less guilty of buying boxes.
2. Make Less Products
Companies are making so many products that it's driving many people away from collecting. So many products were released last year and half of them were awful. They should spend more time on 3-5 products instead of 10 + a year.

3. Include More Relics in Products
Lets face most relics and autographs are worthless, but for many people they are meaningful. Lets say 2010 Topps Baseball include 5 relics; It would sell like crazy. It would be easier to collect a whole set of relics. What do people look for when buying packs, relics.
Imagine a $3 pack that has 1:4 odds of a relic. I would defiantly buy more boxes with more relics included.

4. Make Better Looking Cards
A few sets last year had a nice design and the others were terrible. There are so many ways of making nice looking cards, just look around at all the custom cards. If companies would
put more effort and time on there designs people would buy more. The number one factor in deciding which pack or box to buy is in how much you like the design. Better design is the key.

2010 Prediction: There will be a slight rise in the amount of collectors, mostly consisting of children. Topps products will be okay kinda like 2009, but a bit better. 2009 & 2010 will be the same just with more advertising this year. Topps will get a lot
of pressure from MLB this year to create a better product and there products will improve significantly in 2011 not 2010. At the end of the year MLB will not be satisfied with Topps.

I sure 2010 will be a fun year for collecting and LWax will be here to review it all and comment on any news. Remember to comment I would like to hear your thoughts.